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Monday, March 2, 2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

The PES 2009 is a master piece of originality unlike fifa 09. The graphics are good and comparable with the next generation graphic engines.The Rating of PES2009 is better than FIFA09 which was reviewed by so many game reviewers.The game was rated 9+ out of 10 in the first week but as the time went people like FIFA 09 better because of the tricks and new system of player controls.

The minum specification of PES 2009 is very high than FIFA09. If anyone intersted in buying a game for XBOX or PS3 I would recommend FIFA09 to Pro evolution soccer.The over all compatibility issues keeps going on so many forums and online gaming stations.

Keep playing Pro Evolution Soccer you will not be able to play FIFA and the other way round too.

Both the games are great and can run in a 2007-08 configurated PC. I recommend the XBOX 360 for FIFA09, which is way better to the PC experience.


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