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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Demigod - Cheats Codes & Walkthrough

Demigod debug mode cheats

  • To Enable Cheats Open the Game.prefs file with Notepad.
  • This file is located in My Documents\My Games\Gas Powered Games\Demigod.
Add the following lines to the beginning of the file (above the 'profile = {'): debug = { enable_debug_facilities = true } (do it without space from the profile) Save the file, right click and choose properties. Tick READ ONLY box You may now use any of the following cheat commands while playing skirmish or tournament mode. The Enemy may or may not have the cheat effect when enabled

Code Effect
CTRL+ALT+B 999.999 Gold (1Million)
CTRL+SHIFT+C Copy Unit / Structure
- Decrease game speed
ALT+N God Mode
+ Increase game speed
ALT+F Instant level up to 20
CTRL+K Kill selected unit
CTRL+SHIFT+V Paste Unit / Structure
CTRL+ALT+Z Reveal Map
ALT+F2 Spawn any unit
ALT+T Teleport selected unit
ALT+A Toggle Opponent AI (untested)
ALT+V Wireframe mode

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 - Trick Move List

This guide is going to be very small, the trick move list is very small indeed.All that matters is the passing and making forward moves towards goal there are simple moves that are responsible for manuvering the ball across opponents but these tricks wont help in the case of double teaming opponents and while running into crowd.

The PES 2009 Trick/Skill moves are : 
All skill moves explained by one single Video : Thanks to team-r2. 
Some Free Kick/Scoring Tips: Manual Cross : Press "D"  Button and hold it so that you can curl it to required level.Low Cross : Press "D" twice.On short FK's, (~18m) aim to to far corner - Hold Down on left stick - Use just short of 50% power - press "X" (pass button) after powered up..."X" button takes a bit of power and helps it curl down after clearing the wall.

Short FK's - hard shot: Aim near post - hold up on left stick - <50% power - press "W" (thru ball). "W" adds power.

Medium FK (28m): Hold up on left stick (adds power) - tad less than 50% power - Press "B" (Pass Button).
Shoot From Distance : Press shoot button which is "A",after the power bar increases press and hold "C" (pace control)Lob to goal: Press and hold "Q" button while shooting to enable lobbing the ball into goal.Weak Foot Goal : This will have accuracy depending on the player but mostly this trick can be performed by players with weak foot accuracy greater than 6.To perform a shot with weak foot move from your strong to weak foot direction and shoot while aiming at the far end of the post.This will fake the goal keeper and make him dive the other side.This is not easy but can give few tries.Powered Shot/Laces Shot : Aim at the required position of the goal and shoot while the power is half full after shooting hold the direction pad./direction arrows to control the swing.These are the tricks in PES 2009. It has realisim in it but lacks the gaming experiance and fun aspect. So It cannot be compared with FIFA 2009 as it is more like a arcade game.Overall both the games are same and equally rated by me.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010: Releases this autumn

Konami’s footballing legend evolves into the most realistic football simulation ever this Autumn
Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced that its forthcoming PES 2010 title will benefit from the most exhaustive raft of new features in the series’ history, with every aspect of the game benefiting from key improvements. Major gameplay additions will make PES 2010 the most realistic football simulation available.
PES 2010 is scheduled for release on PLAYSTATION®3, Xbox 360, PC-DVD, PSP® (PLAYSTATION®Portable), PlayStation®2 and mobile phones in the Autumn, and follows months of analysis and feedback monitoring to enhance the game in every area. PES Productions, Konami’s Tokyo-based development team, has collated feedback on the series’ strengths and weaknesses via fan forums, both ardent and casual PES players and press comment, and has incorporated a wide range of requests in the new game. The result will be the most challenging, realistic and satisfying PES to date.
Konami has spent the last year expanding the development team’s numbers, and created a number of dedicated departments, each striving to further improving their respective parts of the game both in the short and long terms. Key additions for PES 2010 include:

Gameplay: PES 2010 focuses on enhancing the excitement of matches between players, making for a truly challenging experience that will constantly test the player. Intuitive zonal defending will cover spaces and players need to look constantly for new ways to attack. PES 2010 focuses on being a real football simulation, as it requires both strategic play and quick reactions, as in real life. In addition to key out-field elements, goalkeepers are more versatile and with abilities matching those of modern shot-stoppers. The game’s referees have also been reworked, with smarter AI elements allowing them to make more balanced calls during matches.
Improved Visuals: PES 2010 has undergone a major visual revamp, with its celebrated player likenesses and animations now even closer to those of real-life players – including live player expressions to be depicted with an improved lighting system which differentiates between various conditions! Stadium detail is also massively improved, with the grass and other in-stadium elements finely depicted.

All-new animation and moves: Animations now dovetail into each other seamlessly, with dribbling and shots on goals worked into dribbling animations. More individual skills are also on show, including new flicks and tricks that have a definite showing on the way a game flows. Several elements have been completely reworked, with the dribbling, turning and kicking animations greatly enhanced, while there is a noticeable change in pace when a player passes a ball from a standing position than from within a run.

Match-Day Atmosphere: Crowd reactions to the on-field action are now more varied, with all new chants and cheers. The subtle difference between Home and Away matches will be reproduced, and the crowd will react spontaneously to specific situations in a game, showing their disdain or pleasure as fouls are committed and goals scored. Likewise, the commentary has been altered to offer a fresher, more concise overview of the game.

Enhanced Master League: Master League has been thoroughly renewed with the enhancement of managerial aspects, which enables users to enjoy managing a team for a longer career lifespan. Seen by many as a key contributor to the series’ success, the Master League elements in PES 2010 have been bolstered by far-ranging and vital new additions, dedicated to enriching the mode. Further details will be announced shortly.

AI: The Tokyo team has worked to improve the Artificial Intelligence of the game, with Teamvision 2.0 implemented. Midfielders and defenders now work together to cover open space and close down attacks, meaning that cover can be provided for lower-ranked defenders. This also has the additional effect of removing soft goals, thus returning PES 2010 to its simulation roots. In terms of attacking, players can also now move several players once, sending them into different areas, opening up more goal-scoring possibilities than ever before. As such, PES 2010 necessitates a new level of control from the player. Strategic thinking is as important as quick passing, but the new system greatly opens the way the player oversees control of the team. In free kick scenarios, for instance, players can now instigate the runs of the players awaiting the ball in the penalty area.

Individual Play Characteristics: In previous PES games, the team formation has determined the movements of the players. PES 2010 introduces a new system wherein the individual attacking and defending nature of the players is integral to the way they play. Each player enjoys unique AI tied into their best abilities, and is reflected in the actions of their team mates – i.e. if a player who is known to be a good crosser of the ball is in possession, more players will flood the penalty area to receive it. Similarly, if a player is known to be good with close control, defenders will work to cover their stronger side, while lone strikers will be automatically supported by midfielders on receipt of the ball.

Strategy Use: A new power gauge system allows users to balance their strategy in a quick, but wide-ranging way before a match. Every element – pass frequency, movement, the line of defence, width of play, or the position of the front line – can be altered to match those of a favoured club: Juventus Turin are a dangerous side on the counter-attack, for instance, while FC Barcelona use width in their attack. These formulations can be altered at any point, too, with Home and Away matches forcing different circumstances on the user, as does the rigours of a Master League season.

Penalties: An all-new system has been implemented, offering greater control, placing and accuracy.
Enhanced Online: A new dedicated section of the Tokyo team is committed to improving the online side of PES 2010. More downloadable content is also planned. Konami has supported PES 2009 with the release of new licensed teams, transfer updates, etc, and this support will grow for PES 2010. Team and content updates are planned throughout the game’s lifespan. These will make the game even more bespoke to the player’s match day needs.
Konami has strengthend its relationship with UEFA and can announce it has secured the exclusive video game rights for the Europa League Licence (formerly known as the UEFA Cup). In addition Konami will be enhancing and developing the use of the UEFA Champions League within PES2010 to make even better use of the best club football competition in the world.
Further details of these new features will be released in the coming months. Konami has also confirmed that Lionel Messi will also be a key endorsement player for the new game, and will feature in the promotion and development of the game later this year
“We have been monitoring feedback and comments on the progression of the PES series for some time now, and PES 2010 will see us implementing a great deal of the ideas players have been requesting,” commented Naoya Hatsumi, Producer for PES Productions at Konami Digital Entertainment Japan. “We aim to make PES 2010 a more user-friendly, immediate experience that places the emphasis on getting straight into the gameplay for which the series is famed. PES 2010 will look better, will play better, and will recreate real football as closely as the current hardware will allow.
“The preparations for PES 2010 have been in place for some time now, with the reorganization and increase of the Tokyo-based studio allowing expert teams to concentrate on their particular area,” commented Jon Murphy, PES European Team Leader. “We are now in a better position to implement the greatest raft of changes and improvements to the series we have seen, and thank the PES community for their input.”
PES 2010 will be released for PLAYSTATION®3, Xbox 360, PC-DVD, PSP® (PLAYSTATION®PORTABLE), PlayStation®2 and mobile phones in autumn





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FIFA 2009 - Gameplay Glitches

I'm a big fan of playing online games and nonetheless I love the game "EA Sports Fifa 09". While I was playing I found out a few glitches in the game and in the replay, I just saved after the match was over.I unlocked the legendary difficulty level so I wanted to try it out so I began playing great and scored a goal very shortly. I went of planned to break my enemies defenses so I decided to take a offensive play and marked my custom formation for Manchester united. I accidentally pressed slide tackle button on my controller instead of the standing takle button and ended up with one man down, Vidic was gone and my custom formation had only 3 defense men. I never played legendary difficulty before so I was unaware of the strength of the PC bot. Fed up of loosing a defencemen I thaught of going down and committing fouls again and again. Soon I ended up with 4 RED cards and 4 YELLOW Cards.Then these glitches showed up.

Then I found this glitch with the legendary mode, after fouling so much I never stopped and continued fouling.I never ever got booked after that.There is more I lost Ronaldo the best player in Manchester United according to FIFA 09. I had only 3 men with offence and 3 men with defence and 1 goal keepe, But with red cards people cant come back and play again in the field,

Glitch no 1: I was shocked to see Cristiano Ronaldo again

Glitch no 2 : The problem was Ronaldo cannot do the skill moves he does.

Glitch no 3 : After getting 4 red cards you never get booked red again it may be only yellow cards but if u get 4 yellow cards then you don't get booked for anything.

Glitch no 4: The goal keeper of the opponent team seems very easy to beat even in legendary difficulty.

Glitch no 5: The replay was messed up with Berbatov and Rooney struck at the center after 5 mins of game, This happened in replay and not in the game.

Glitch no 6 In spite of all these glitches I still can defeat a team in FIFA 09.Take a look at the picture.

I've also uploaded the replay of the game take time to look its a 20 min video but you should have FIFA 09 installed.

To look at the glitch DOWNLOAD THE REPLAY
To open and play in-game,Copy the downloaded file in
"C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\FIFA 09\E. Replay - RED"
Then open FIFA 09 and click Load/Export and click on the file RED to load and play the replay.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Creation Master :Errors and Troubleshooting

I've been editing the fifa 09 database to add in more and more new faces and players, due to a virus attack while testing somthing happened and I'd to format and reinstall Windows.After that I updated the windows through Microsoft Windows Update and then I could not open the creation master 09 even after reinstalling it so many times.This error kept showing up

The title may be deceiving, The solution for these kinds of problems are the same.You may have a high end system with so much to deliver than required. In spite of this you get very less out of your computer's performance.Errors like these keep coming

The solution for these problem lies with your direct-x version you use. Most of the Games like Assassins Creed, Fear, Counter-Strike , GTA-4, and applications like Creation Master 09, Mozilla Firefox and even Microsoft Windows will crash and give a similar error like shown in the image.
When you update your latest graphic drivers,sound driver, it is a must to check if you have a latest driver of Direct-X.This Direct-X is a controller which controls all the applications permissions and memory requirements and hardware and software accelerations for games and media related applications.

To Check your version of Direct-X
Goto ->Start->run-> and type dxdiag
Then download the latest version

Here is the link.

Your latest Driver version must be 4.09.0000.0904
This driver version is released on november 08.

If there were new releases also the link provided works fine.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fifa 2009 PC Trick Moves List

The Controller has no problem with handling but while playing with the keyboard its quite tough.So here's a quick patch up.

The Controls for this guide are my own customized controls : Its just like FIFA 08 controls.
To make my control yours Download my Devdata file,CLICK HERE.
Alternative Link : Direct Download

For Detailed Controller Assignment Click Here

To install this Devdata copy this file to Drive Letter:\FIFA 09\data\input

Also copy the devdata to this directory --
C:\Documents and Settings\Deathlord\My Documents\FIFA 09\user

I've included all the tricks I've learned and practiced, They are from basics take a look by continuing to read .......

Basics :
Golio Control : X
Goal Keeper Charge
: W
Camera Lock: Home

Direction :
[Running From Left to Right]

Forward : Right Arrow (->)
Backward : Left Arrow (<-) Up (Left) : Up Arrow (^)
Down (Right): Down Arrow (v)

Attacking Tactic:

Press these keys on the keypad(the numbers above the keys) not on the numpad.

1: Man Release
2: Wing Play
3: Counter Attack
4: Box Overload
5. To Toggle Attack Stategy press once until a yellow up arrow is indicated.(this arrow is quite small but can be identified by those who have sharp eyesight.).

Defensive Tactic:

Q + 1: Flat Back
Q + 2: Offside Trap
Q + 3: Pressing
Q + 4: Zonal Defense
5. To Toggle Defence Stategy press once until a green down arrow is indicated.(this arrow is quite small but can be identified by those who have sharp eyesight.).

Combination Shooting and Crossing:

To have effective player movement and switching set it to minimum in the controller menu and disable auto switching.

Z + D: Chip Shot
Q + D: Finesse Shot
Q + W: Chip Through
Q + A: Early Cross
Q + S + S: One to One Pass
A + A: Low Cross
Z + A : Lob Pass
D+D : Grounded Shoot
Q + A + A: Early Low Cross
D + S + Direction: Fake Shot
A + S + Direction: Fake Lob
Space + A + A: Chip Lob
Try Yourself (Unorthodox): Z + A; Space + D; A + A + A; D + D; LShift + D


E: Switch Player
Q + D: Ground Shot
D + C : To shoot to crowd with more speed

Free Kick:

E: Switch Player
Space/Z: Call 2nd Player
Home: Camera Lock
Q + D: Ground Shot
Z + D: Lay Off & Shot
Space + D: 2nd Player Shot
[Curl: While Player is running to take a shot hold LEFT/RIGHT direction to swing, UP/DOWN direction to top/back spin]

Running Tricks:

While running with E, release E and hold (+) LShift and quickly press Direction keys sequentially (,).

360 left: LShift + Back, Up, Forward
360 Right: LShift + Back, Down, Forward
Lane Change Left: LShift + Forward, Up
Lane Change Right: LShift + Forward, Down
Step Up Left: LShift + Down, Up
Step Up Right: LShift + Up, Down
Ball Lift: LShift + Forward, Back, Forward
Step Over: LShift + Forward, Forward OR LShift, LShift
Heel to Heel: LShift + Back, Forward
Rainbow Left: LShift + Down, Back, Up (Only Dribbling =90+ Players Can Perform)
Rainbow Right: LShift + Up, Back, Down (Only Dribbling =90+ Players Can Perform)
Step Over & Roll Left: LShift + Forward, Back, Up (Only Dribbling =90+ Players Can Perform)
Step Over & Roll Right: LShift + Forward, Back, Down (Only Dribbling =90+ Players Can Perform)
Signature Move Left: LShift + Forward + Down, Up (C. Ronaldo, Robinho, Ronaldinho, Torres...)
Signature Move Right: LShift + Forward + Up, Down (C. Ronaldo, Robinho, Ronaldinho, Torres...)
Rabona: LShift + Back, Up, A [@90’]
Blanco Bounce: Home (Never Tried : s) [Pressing the right stick with GP]

Standing Tricks:

While running stop using Space or E, then hold LShift (+) and quickly press Arrow Keys sequentially (,).

Fake: LShift + Forward, Forward
Fake Left: LShift + Forward, Up
Fake Right: LShift + Forward, Down
Drag Back Left: LShift + Back, Up
Drag Back Right: LShift + Back, Down
Scoop Turn Left: LShift + Up, Back, Down
Scoop Turn Right: LShift + Down, Back, Up
Rainbow Flick Left: LShift + Forward, Up, Back (Only Dribbling =90+ Players Can Perform)
Rainbow Flick Right: LShift + Forward, Down, Back (Only Dribbling =90+ Players Can Perform)

I might have missed one or two please update me if I've missed ..Thank You..

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Need For Speed - Shift [2009]

The Gold version Released 17th Sept at Europe
& For UK, it's 18th Sept.

According to an interview from Shift's producer, Jesse Abney, the game is in development for two years. He also mentioned that the game will feature a new "Driver experience".

WikipediaOfficial Site

A detailed Featurelist of the game is gonna be published soon in stores Stay Tuned.

It's expected that the game will also feature the game mechanic and a "Most Wanted-ish" sandbox styled "Heroic Driving Engine"

I Dont think NFS is going to be any good in the near future. The driving engine is messed again.

Do you think so ? Have you people know if this game really existed ?

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FIFA 09 Hamachi Server:Online

This is the server that is online in FIFA 09 hamachi which is without lag. To log on and get playing, Download Hamachi from Log Me In.
To join the network of people those who are playing and to get connected with, Click on the Power button and then click the triangle button then join the existing network

The network name is :--- FIFA 2k9 Online

Password :--- boredlives

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Assassins Creed - 2

Well the most awaited assassin's creed is on talks again with all the mysterious outlook of this video published recently on the gamespot.

Take a Look

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