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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fifa 2009 PC Trick Moves List

The Controller has no problem with handling but while playing with the keyboard its quite tough.So here's a quick patch up.

The Controls for this guide are my own customized controls : Its just like FIFA 08 controls.
To make my control yours Download my Devdata file,CLICK HERE.
Alternative Link : Direct Download

For Detailed Controller Assignment Click Here

To install this Devdata copy this file to Drive Letter:\FIFA 09\data\input

Also copy the devdata to this directory --
C:\Documents and Settings\Deathlord\My Documents\FIFA 09\user

I've included all the tricks I've learned and practiced, They are from basics take a look by continuing to read .......

Basics :
Golio Control : X
Goal Keeper Charge
: W
Camera Lock: Home

Direction :
[Running From Left to Right]

Forward : Right Arrow (->)
Backward : Left Arrow (<-) Up (Left) : Up Arrow (^)
Down (Right): Down Arrow (v)

Attacking Tactic:

Press these keys on the keypad(the numbers above the keys) not on the numpad.

1: Man Release
2: Wing Play
3: Counter Attack
4: Box Overload
5. To Toggle Attack Stategy press once until a yellow up arrow is indicated.(this arrow is quite small but can be identified by those who have sharp eyesight.).

Defensive Tactic:

Q + 1: Flat Back
Q + 2: Offside Trap
Q + 3: Pressing
Q + 4: Zonal Defense
5. To Toggle Defence Stategy press once until a green down arrow is indicated.(this arrow is quite small but can be identified by those who have sharp eyesight.).

Combination Shooting and Crossing:

To have effective player movement and switching set it to minimum in the controller menu and disable auto switching.

Z + D: Chip Shot
Q + D: Finesse Shot
Q + W: Chip Through
Q + A: Early Cross
Q + S + S: One to One Pass
A + A: Low Cross
Z + A : Lob Pass
D+D : Grounded Shoot
Q + A + A: Early Low Cross
D + S + Direction: Fake Shot
A + S + Direction: Fake Lob
Space + A + A: Chip Lob
Try Yourself (Unorthodox): Z + A; Space + D; A + A + A; D + D; LShift + D


E: Switch Player
Q + D: Ground Shot
D + C : To shoot to crowd with more speed

Free Kick:

E: Switch Player
Space/Z: Call 2nd Player
Home: Camera Lock
Q + D: Ground Shot
Z + D: Lay Off & Shot
Space + D: 2nd Player Shot
[Curl: While Player is running to take a shot hold LEFT/RIGHT direction to swing, UP/DOWN direction to top/back spin]

Running Tricks:

While running with E, release E and hold (+) LShift and quickly press Direction keys sequentially (,).

360 left: LShift + Back, Up, Forward
360 Right: LShift + Back, Down, Forward
Lane Change Left: LShift + Forward, Up
Lane Change Right: LShift + Forward, Down
Step Up Left: LShift + Down, Up
Step Up Right: LShift + Up, Down
Ball Lift: LShift + Forward, Back, Forward
Step Over: LShift + Forward, Forward OR LShift, LShift
Heel to Heel: LShift + Back, Forward
Rainbow Left: LShift + Down, Back, Up (Only Dribbling =90+ Players Can Perform)
Rainbow Right: LShift + Up, Back, Down (Only Dribbling =90+ Players Can Perform)
Step Over & Roll Left: LShift + Forward, Back, Up (Only Dribbling =90+ Players Can Perform)
Step Over & Roll Right: LShift + Forward, Back, Down (Only Dribbling =90+ Players Can Perform)
Signature Move Left: LShift + Forward + Down, Up (C. Ronaldo, Robinho, Ronaldinho, Torres...)
Signature Move Right: LShift + Forward + Up, Down (C. Ronaldo, Robinho, Ronaldinho, Torres...)
Rabona: LShift + Back, Up, A [@90’]
Blanco Bounce: Home (Never Tried : s) [Pressing the right stick with GP]

Standing Tricks:

While running stop using Space or E, then hold LShift (+) and quickly press Arrow Keys sequentially (,).

Fake: LShift + Forward, Forward
Fake Left: LShift + Forward, Up
Fake Right: LShift + Forward, Down
Drag Back Left: LShift + Back, Up
Drag Back Right: LShift + Back, Down
Scoop Turn Left: LShift + Up, Back, Down
Scoop Turn Right: LShift + Down, Back, Up
Rainbow Flick Left: LShift + Forward, Up, Back (Only Dribbling =90+ Players Can Perform)
Rainbow Flick Right: LShift + Forward, Down, Back (Only Dribbling =90+ Players Can Perform)

I might have missed one or two please update me if I've missed ..Thank You..


Arun said...

thnx dude...loadsa help!!

Ali Qayyum said...

thanks awesome

here is latest software encyclopedia

Di40 said...

doesn't work i can't install your controls on my fifa 09 . I put it here E:\Games\FIFA 2009\data\input
nothing i put it here D:\Documents and Settings\SouLJa BoY\My Documents\FIFA 09\user
again nothing I put it D:\Documents and Settings\SouLJa BoY\My Documents\FIFA 09\data\input here again nothing
I tried to reinstal and put it here E:\Games\FIFA 2009\data\input and NOTHING THIS IS FAKE THIS IS FAKE my controls are in default FAKE

Deathlord said...

Thanks for your feedback.I've reviewed and checked it and it was working perfectly.All that has to be done to make it work is to delete the current devdata.dat file which is in user folder in the D:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\FIFA 09\user

and to paste the same in the input folder of the fifa directory.It is not FAKE and it works fine.Check it again and drop your feedback if it doesn't work.
I'll update the link

Di40 said...

again nothing :( controls go to default again :@

Deathlord said...

Sorry for the inconvenience.
I've changed the link and made a direct link for the devdata file for more convenience.Now check it with the new devdata file if you encounter the same problem get back ASAP ..!!

Deathlord said...

The controls in the My Fifa 09 will remain default but in game you can use the controls specified as the post specifies.The devdata is user defined but modified devdata will not be shown in the MYFIFA09 -> Controls.

TRY PRESSING "X" in keyboard to check if the Goalie is in control.If it works fine then all process is perfect in installing the devdata.It is working in my system as well as many others system.

andy said...

thanks yar....u have helped me a lot

Vedant said...

nopes. ur patch isnt working. I only need to change the GK control, by default it is the right shift button. But after installing ur devdata.dat, I cant control my GK by 'X' button. Also, can u explain how do u edit that devdat.dat? I mean, what did u changed in it. coz I dont want X to be my GK control, I want it to be 'left shift'. Can u edit ur devdata.dat according to this? Or can u teach me how to do that? Thanks in advance.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hy it's not working can u make a video clip please how to activate it

Rockstar said...

I have understand, and iam using these tricks thanks man....

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rounak said...

Somebody please help.....................
I am unable to do rainbow in running....

king 4287 said...

awesome skills dude!!!!
it worked out for me.

Anonymous said...

gr8 help for fifa 08,thanx!

Anonymous said...

google devdata.dat editing and choose the editor of your choice. Notepad is the best.

Also you need to know all the hex keys associated with your keyboard.

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