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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Creation Master :Errors and Troubleshooting

I've been editing the fifa 09 database to add in more and more new faces and players, due to a virus attack while testing somthing happened and I'd to format and reinstall Windows.After that I updated the windows through Microsoft Windows Update and then I could not open the creation master 09 even after reinstalling it so many times.This error kept showing up

The title may be deceiving, The solution for these kinds of problems are the same.You may have a high end system with so much to deliver than required. In spite of this you get very less out of your computer's performance.Errors like these keep coming

The solution for these problem lies with your direct-x version you use. Most of the Games like Assassins Creed, Fear, Counter-Strike , GTA-4, and applications like Creation Master 09, Mozilla Firefox and even Microsoft Windows will crash and give a similar error like shown in the image.
When you update your latest graphic drivers,sound driver, it is a must to check if you have a latest driver of Direct-X.This Direct-X is a controller which controls all the applications permissions and memory requirements and hardware and software accelerations for games and media related applications.

To Check your version of Direct-X
Goto ->Start->run-> and type dxdiag
Then download the latest version

Here is the link.

Your latest Driver version must be 4.09.0000.0904
This driver version is released on november 08.

If there were new releases also the link provided works fine.


Myanmar Alien said...

dude, is there any limitation on importing faces and shoes?? coz like after importing (especially faces) more than 50 stuffs, the game crash on loading screen (just before the match start) or in-game edit player screen. this happens only on random player. like last time, i got this crah on opening Arsenal Players like Song, Carlos Vela, Eduardo (who i improt the faces). but Almunia or Fabianski (who i also import the faces) are ok.
if you know the solution or the cause, can you pls email me? my email is pethihan@gmail.com
thanks in advance, dude.

JG said...

Wow... How did you figured out this? i've been trying since 2007 to run the Creation Master, but no success... I did the update for the DirectX drivers, and now works! CM10 works! hahaha, well, thank you very much :)

jordan musso said...

i use creation master and make a team but i cannot use it in manger mode.. everytime i choose my team 2 manage fifa 10 crashes its getting reall fustrating cuz i dont kno wat 2 do.....help!!!!!

jordan musso said...

while i was using creation master the entrances of all the teams was gone ....when i start any match with any teams it jus go straight 2 the match....what did i do wrong.....is creation master a waste of time???

Lalith Balasubramanian said...

well I have tried Creation Master in Fifa 09 and works like a charm I dont think it works for Fifa10. Try out if there's an update for Creation Master for Fifa 10. The link must be outdated.

Anonymous said...

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