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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fifa 2009 - Goal post glitch

The goal post in all EA Sports FIFA versions have always had a glitch.I heard of the glitch from few of my friends those who were very tired of playing FIFA.I've experienced the same kind of glitch that had occurred while I was playing too.It was very annoying take a look for urself about what I've experienced.

As you can see the ball passes through the goal post to the inner side of the goal at the end of the video.This glitch was not found in other version of FIFA 09 except the PC-Windows version.The XBOX 360 and PS3 version are running quite well under the same configurations.The ball stays outside the post in other versions but in the PC version the ball passes through to the inside of goal.It is good that this glitch is not affecting the gameplay or the game scores but a

The player glitch where the player with a good skill will easily push the defender and go forward scoring.This is illustrated in the video too where C.Ronaldo pushes defender and goes to the box unchallenged where these cases never occur in real game.

P.S:The game was played in Legendary Difficulty but seems more easier to look.And Sorry for the poor clarity of video but I hope the purpose of the Video is solved.

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