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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pro-Evolution Soccer 2009 Errors or Glitches

The game is a great for those who have not played PES before and it is addictive like always. To be precise this game is a sum up the tired and overused formula named Pro Evolution Soccer. A proud series without a return to form on current-generation consoles, 2009's rendition of the beautiful game is akin to that of a title-deciding match.The glitches are always available with every game this has many errors and tuning up is very essential

As much as the old rival, EA's FIFA, has improved to gain much needed credibility, it can't be helped than to think that all eyes are on Konami's effort. Both games have seen a close launch in the run-up to Christmas, insults have been exchange on the internet groups and forums in the aftermath of downloadable demos, and with the recent surge in quality from EA, the heat is on.

Let's get the comparison over and done with; if you're looking for a game to rival FIFA 2009 then you aren't going to find it here. EA's masterpiece is the seductive and sexy older sister in the football genre, ticking all the right boxes and flaunting the designer labels. Fans of Konami get to play with the younger and inexperienced sibling, being less pretty yet more devious.

The jewel in the Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 crown is, and always has been, the match engine. The game is, sadly, feeling rather familiar with such feeble efforts regarding commentary, music, sound effects, menu screens and graphics. Functional yet devoid of any style, these affect the entire game and as such it's a drab experience that requires you to look past all the short comings (and boy, are there many) and just focus on the football.
For starters, not all the teams are fully licensed and not all players are at the correct clubs, and that's if you can identify them.

Yes, North London, Lancashire, Middlebrook and Yorkshire Orange play centre stage alongside the teams using the Champions League license, in the Premier League's case just Manchester United and Liverpool. Robinho isn't at Man Blue and Xisco doesn't feature for Tyneside, though some fans may agree that this is a blessing in disguise.

All these arrears can be fixed in the game's edit mode, and this year we've a brand spanking new pixel painter to fine tune those club badges. As much as it's noble to be able to tinker with rosters and attire, it again is a cheek to release a half-licensed game and then expect the consumer to finish the job.

Overall ratings is better after the recent upgrade patch and it is rated as follows
8.7 by game reviewers.

MORE to come about the upgrades and patches that were missed out by Konami. Keep In touch


Anonymous said...

I just got a PES 2009 for PS2 that is used. I was playing a one match in Master League and then when I was playing my second match (in Master League), I did kick-off but the ball was going backwards. I did it eight times and then reseted it. (This would happen in EA's FIFA 2009 but would stop after five matches) I did it three more times and still, same thing. I've looked at a lot of sites but this one seemed helpful. Could you help? Any Ideas?

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