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Friday, February 27, 2009

Dave:The Game.

This is the first thing I did when I bought my personal computer, This is a game that was given as a package with the PC I bought. The game was very impressive during those days and I had wasted so much time in those days in that game while I was kid .Here are the details of the game that fancied me the most.


The game is a 2-Dimensional Platform based action game.It had a guy with a weapon who is the hero and he keeps fighting all over the enemy and bosses.I sat before my new system powered by a 533mhz Pentium 3 processor and some useless motherboard.Nowadays such configurations have become an issue to be laughed about.

When you have a old computer people say try the local museum they might want this piece to keep it in their collection.I think we learn a lot more when we have less advanced configuration in our system.This is the my first step which sparked to know something about computer.

And old computer is never broken down, And Old Heart is never teared apart.


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