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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Castle Age/Farmville/Mafiawars :Cheats or Hacking

I've seen people grow like 2 level's a day in the facebook game Castle age.I was wondering how and found out this small trick. Hope you all like it.

Prerequisites :

  • Latest Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Greesemonkey addon on firefox.
  • Userscript at Userscript.org.

Use of the whole process:
  • You would get demi blessing automatically at the same time daily so you wouldn't miss it.
  • Level Up expected date and time.
  • Auto Play.
  • Auto Monster Battle's and Attack's
Procedure to install:
  • Install Firefox from HERE.
  • Install Greesemonkey addon- HERE
  • Install The userscript for Castle Age Autoplayer, There are other scripts for Farmville and Mafiawars and other apps too in the same place. Do a search and click Install to get it in greesemonkey.
  • There are scripts for rapidshare waiting and such goodies too.
  • Enabling/Disabling the script. there will be a small icon at the bottom right hand corner of the browser with a monkey right click it and select the script you can run it or deselect it to switch off Auto play.
  • Here is a image example of how it works. Add comments if you require more assistance.
For other browsers is not available but similar tools are available use them,For Google chrome few scripts dont run properly.TO install in chrome just follow from step 3 in install procedure.

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Assassin's Creed II - First Hand Review,Gaming Experiance and Rating

New Ezio is out and with new looks:

What I like :

The new Ezio the second ancestor or whatever we call him,He's definitely having a style in assassination.I liked the two secret blades thing and the picking up weaponry from the enemy. The style and movement is more or less the same as the previous.

There is this so called "Leonardo da Vinci" provides Ezio with new weapons, such as a double hidden blade, a poison blade and a miniature firearm, there are also a variety of swords, cutlasses and maces, as well as axes, spears and daggers. The combat system is more complex, with the ability to disarm opponents, stealing their weapons. Six additional weapons can be unlocked by connecting a PSP with Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines to the PS3.

What I dont like:
  • Are we fools having a dual core or Pentium 4 processors should I spend a 1000USD on graphic cards to get maxed out performance in PC ????
  • The config required to run the game in PC is way too high.Though you can get crappy game performance in stupid useless graphic adapters like Nvidia 6/basic 7 series it is never close to the xbox and PS3 quality.
  • I stick with PC because I love using the keyboard and mouse than the irritating analog's or joypad's.

The gameplay is very good with the gliding fighting killing and story stuff but it is very unfortunate that it is not of full quality with PC's config.

I played AC2 in a
Intel Pentium Core2Duo 1.66Ghz
3GB DDR2 667
Nvidia 7600 GT
But was not very happy even If I qualify for the minimum requirement for PC game
specified in Wiki-Assassin's Creed II

Now If anyone wanted to play Assassin's Creed in PC I'd quit it and get a console.

Rating : Out of 10

Gameplay - 8.5
Sound - 8
Graphic - 10 (Provided You have a great PC config :P)
Overall - 9

You can always find great videos and pictures on Gamespot. But this review is for the one's who
think they can run AC2 in PC but have a system configuration less than the requirement :)

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What do you all think of Online Casino's

Hello Fello gamers and friends,
What do you all feel about the recent casino games available throughout the internet ?

I just jumped into this online casino the site helped me a lot with what and how to learn and play online gambling
and online sites that are available to play online casino gambling If you are looking for a online gaming and casino gambling you must give a click and try out http://onlinecasinospotlight.com
I was looking for enlightenment on gambling and sites to gamble and try out your luck then this one might work out.

All the best and best of luck with your games ..!

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fifa 2009 - Goal post glitch

The goal post in all EA Sports FIFA versions have always had a glitch.I heard of the glitch from few of my friends those who were very tired of playing FIFA.I've experienced the same kind of glitch that had occurred while I was playing too.It was very annoying take a look for urself about what I've experienced.

As you can see the ball passes through the goal post to the inner side of the goal at the end of the video.This glitch was not found in other version of FIFA 09 except the PC-Windows version.The XBOX 360 and PS3 version are running quite well under the same configurations.The ball stays outside the post in other versions but in the PC version the ball passes through to the inside of goal.It is good that this glitch is not affecting the gameplay or the game scores but a

The player glitch where the player with a good skill will easily push the defender and go forward scoring.This is illustrated in the video too where C.Ronaldo pushes defender and goes to the box unchallenged where these cases never occur in real game.

P.S:The game was played in Legendary Difficulty but seems more easier to look.And Sorry for the poor clarity of video but I hope the purpose of the Video is solved.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 : Player Glitch

I was playing a game in the "Become A Legend" mode and I noticed a big glitch in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009.I had a doubt,if the goal was actually scored.Then came the glitch where I was shocked to see this , I cleared my eyes and saw it again in the replays.

The player has actually scored by penetrating through the opponents legs.Find out by looking at the image.This glitch has not occurred regularly but under certain angles where the player will shoot through the opponent and also score.
Some times this may be highly irritating.There is no possible solution for this problem/glitch. It's all the designer's fault.We can just moan about it.Atleast we can play the game before so that we choose wisely.This is similar to the FIFA player glitch there is diffence in the game play.In FIFA 09 players walk and dash into opponents and fall where as in PES 09 players run through them :) NOT A BIG DIFFERENCE.

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Play Online Casino

I was looking for a good source to play online casino games and I've just bumped into one a good one.Its very entertaining and most of all you could try out the games for free initially.Then you could download the game to your computer and get into real money action.There are two ways to begin the fun - enjoy free online roulette, which was good and exciting for newbies and the the other one is to play free blackjack and experience the game virtually over the internet very entertaining and money making.
Those who love to play online casino games there is a place for everyone at this site.
There are full detailed help for how to play the following games.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

FIFA 09 : Controller Assign

We'll The PC version of FIFA 09 has few of the features cut down, The XBOX 360 version is really really good, the PC version of FIFA is not as good as the XBOX version as there are a about 30-50 tricks that are cut down and cannot be done with your keyboard or a single analog joypad. There are few players in the PC version those are cloned from the FIFA 08 Version.You could download the DB master and check the database and you will find it the same.The tricks you see people perform in their XBOX 360 is outrageous and jaw cracking moves.

There is not much of use playing FIFA09 with no tricks enabled, That is with your keyboard you cannot perform advanced skills or combos.
If you have a joypad with two analog sticks and you are unable to change the skill or your right analog stick is not working then all you have to do is download this EXCEL file and you'll be able to configure the joypad from windows.

STEP 1 : Download the EXCEL file
STEP 2 : Fill in the details in the Excel File
STEP 3 : Then click on the output which is at the footer and it looks like a tab.
STEP 4 : Click and copy the top most output.
STEP 5 : Goto Drive where you installed FIFA lets assume u installed it in
C:\FIFA 09\data\input
STEP 6 : There you will find devdata -> open with notepad -> paste the content
STEP 7 : Save it and close it.

For Keyboad mapping you should have a set of values.
But it is quite complicated I'll provide my DEVDATA file just paste in the input folder
The Controls are
Q - change player
W - Through Ball
E - Sprint
A - Cross
S - pass
D - Shoot
Z - Cancel/Dummy move
X - golio control/trigger run
C - pace control
LSHIFT - skill move modifier
Direction Controls - arrows
1,2,3, 4 - tactics
5 - mentality


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