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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 : Player Glitch

I was playing a game in the "Become A Legend" mode and I noticed a big glitch in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009.I had a doubt,if the goal was actually scored.Then came the glitch where I was shocked to see this , I cleared my eyes and saw it again in the replays.

The player has actually scored by penetrating through the opponents legs.Find out by looking at the image.This glitch has not occurred regularly but under certain angles where the player will shoot through the opponent and also score.
Some times this may be highly irritating.There is no possible solution for this problem/glitch. It's all the designer's fault.We can just moan about it.Atleast we can play the game before so that we choose wisely.This is similar to the FIFA player glitch there is diffence in the game play.In FIFA 09 players walk and dash into opponents and fall where as in PES 09 players run through them :) NOT A BIG DIFFERENCE.


@ Coy said...

Nice game

| Balu | said...

LOL that's pretty bad.. The problem is with the physics engine. I have seen such problems in Ghajini videogame. I fell through the floor can you beat that =D

Anonymous said...

Lolz yea true very bad Physics.But what do we get out of this game only frustration with all these glitches in it.more and more seem to pop as and when we play..

The most annoying is the offside glitch.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
There is out there many patches that can improve the game.
Just google it and have fun.

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