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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 : Player Glitch

I was playing a game in the "Become A Legend" mode and I noticed a big glitch in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009.I had a doubt,if the goal was actually scored.Then came the glitch where I was shocked to see this , I cleared my eyes and saw it again in the replays.

The player has actually scored by penetrating through the opponents legs.Find out by looking at the image.This glitch has not occurred regularly but under certain angles where the player will shoot through the opponent and also score.
Some times this may be highly irritating.There is no possible solution for this problem/glitch. It's all the designer's fault.We can just moan about it.Atleast we can play the game before so that we choose wisely.This is similar to the FIFA player glitch there is diffence in the game play.In FIFA 09 players walk and dash into opponents and fall where as in PES 09 players run through them :) NOT A BIG DIFFERENCE.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

FIFA 09 : Controller Assign

We'll The PC version of FIFA 09 has few of the features cut down, The XBOX 360 version is really really good, the PC version of FIFA is not as good as the XBOX version as there are a about 30-50 tricks that are cut down and cannot be done with your keyboard or a single analog joypad. There are few players in the PC version those are cloned from the FIFA 08 Version.You could download the DB master and check the database and you will find it the same.The tricks you see people perform in their XBOX 360 is outrageous and jaw cracking moves.

There is not much of use playing FIFA09 with no tricks enabled, That is with your keyboard you cannot perform advanced skills or combos.
If you have a joypad with two analog sticks and you are unable to change the skill or your right analog stick is not working then all you have to do is download this EXCEL file and you'll be able to configure the joypad from windows.

STEP 1 : Download the EXCEL file
STEP 2 : Fill in the details in the Excel File
STEP 3 : Then click on the output which is at the footer and it looks like a tab.
STEP 4 : Click and copy the top most output.
STEP 5 : Goto Drive where you installed FIFA lets assume u installed it in
C:\FIFA 09\data\input
STEP 6 : There you will find devdata -> open with notepad -> paste the content
STEP 7 : Save it and close it.

For Keyboad mapping you should have a set of values.
But it is quite complicated I'll provide my DEVDATA file just paste in the input folder
The Controls are
Q - change player
W - Through Ball
E - Sprint
A - Cross
S - pass
D - Shoot
Z - Cancel/Dummy move
X - golio control/trigger run
C - pace control
LSHIFT - skill move modifier
Direction Controls - arrows
1,2,3, 4 - tactics
5 - mentality


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